2/10/2018 | First interactive gin distillery map of the UK

Whether it’s a classic gin and tonic or an extravagant gin-based cocktail, the nation’s thirst for gin sees no signs of waning. In fact, a whopping 47 million bottles of the juniper-based spirit were sold in 2017, a rise of 20% compared to the previous year1.

To help the nation explore the country’s gin industry, we’ve created the first ever interactive map of gin distilleries that you can visit in the UK, marking distilleries that offers tours and tastings.

Whether you’re looking to plan a staycation around your favourite tipple or are just interested in visiting your nearest gin distillery, the first-of-its-kind map is the perfect tool for those looking to plan their next UK break.

The maps includes UK gin distilleries that you can visit, from the most northerly, Shetland Reel in the Shetland Islands, to the most southerly, Salcombe Distilling Co in Salcombe, Devon. The interactive nature of the maps means that any newly opened distilleries can be easily added, making it a handy resource for fans of the botanical spirit.

Although the trend for gin has taken off in the past few years, the nation has been a fan of the tipple since the 1800s. History buffs looking to tap into the UK’s rich gin history should take a trip to Plymouth Gin distillery where they have been making gin with the same blend since 1793.

The country’s capital, London, is home to the highest concentration of gin distilleries and with the city being the namesake of the gin style ‘London Dry’, it’s perhaps no surprise. There are more than a dozen distilleries in London that you can visit and tour, including the Ladies and Gentlemen Distillery in Kentish Town which makes Highwayman Gin in a former public toilet!

A spokesperson for Premier Inn says:
‘We’re always looking to encourage people to explore parts of the UK that they may not have considered before. The interactive map has been built to inspire gin-fans to discover the countries fascinating gin history and tap into the continuing trend for gin.’

Discover the map here

1 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/18/from-mothers-ruin-to-modern-tipple-how-uk-rediscovered-gin

Gin-lovers rejoice: The first interactive gin distillery map of the UK is released