10/11/2017 | Great British Bacon Off: THIS is what perfect bacon looks like according to breakfast-loving Brits

Breakfasts come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing’s for sure - when it comes to the iconic English breakfast, bacon is often king.

When it comes to how we like to have it cooked though, most people have an opinion about what they think ‘the perfect level of crispiness’ is. Some like it barely braised, and others prefer their rashers as crispy as they come.

Here at Premier Inn, we love breakfast so much that we offer Unlimited Breakfasts to our guests and each year that sees us serve a whopping 17 million breakfasts! 

So, we wanted to settle one of the most important debates of all time: how much crunch do you want with your brunch? We spoke to breakfast-loving Brits across the UK… and, the results are in!

The UK has voted rasher number three, the Crowd-Pleaser, as the perfect level of crispiness for bacon, with over a third of the population (37%) saying this would be the perfect rasher for their breakfast plate.

Just behind in second place is the Crispy Crackler, - with a quarter of us (25%) saying this is the only way you should have your bacon. Next comes the Barely Braised, with 21% of the UK saying this rasher was just right for them, and in fourth position comes the crispiest of them all – the King Of Crisp, with 7% of the Great British public saying this is how they like their bacon. 

Trailing behind in last place is the One-Minute Wonder, with just 2% of the nation saying this would be the perfect level of crispiness for them.

When looking at which places in the UK like the crispiest bacon – it’s Belfast that’s leading the pack, with one in seven people (15%) claiming rasher number one, The King Of Crisp, is the absolute winner when it comes to a perfectly cooked piece of bacon. 

Top 15 UK cities that like the crispiest bacon: (% of people who chose The King Of Crisp)

  1. Belfast 14.6%
  2. Norwich 10%
  3. Glasgow 9.8%
  4. Edinburgh 9.8%
  5. Birmingham 9.7%
  6. Bristol 9.6%
  7. Manchester 9%
  8. Nottingham 8.9%
  9. Newcastle 8.7%
  10. Liverpool 8.2%
  11. Cardiff 7.5%
  12. Leeds 6.6%
  13. Brighton 6.3%
  14. Southampton 6%
  15. London 4.5%

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