Hotels in Balloch

A great starting point for exploring Loch Lomond, hotels in Balloch place you amidst the natural beauty of rural Scotland. With a great number of tourist activities nearby and Balloch's proximity to the Highlands, hotels in the area are popular for those visiting West Dunbartonshire. 

Many Glasgow residents know the town as a popular summer retreat, and the warmer months see scores of international visitors as well. With Loch Lomond just a short journey away - whether by road or the adjoining River Leven - hotels in Balloch accommodate many visitors throughout the year.

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Visit Balloch and Loch Lomond from our well-placed hotels

Balloch, just a short distance from Dunbarton and Glasgow, has been a popular getaway from the cities for many years. The town also lies at the southern end of Scotland's first national park, meaning the area surrounding Balloch is one of tremendous natural beauty.

One large draw of hotels in Balloch is Loch Lomond, as many of the cruise boats taking tours of the loch depart from the town on the River Leven. The largest enclosed body of water in the UK, Loch Lomond has become a popular place for water sports like kayaking, canoeing and more. Cyclists also regularly take tours along the cycle path that runs alongside this loch near Balloch.