About our ZIP by Premier Inn rooms

How big is my room?

Rooms at ZIP are small – around 8.5m2 in size. The rooms have been cleverly designed to make the most of the space, so you’ll have everything you need for a simple, comfy stay.

What’s in my room?

Rooms are fitted with two single beds which can be made up into a double, or kept as a single bed and a sofa. You’ll find a small bathroom with power shower, a towel & bodywash, as well as hangers on the back of the door, and a full-length mirror. Watch TV on your 24” flat screen and enjoy the free Wi-Fi while charging up your phone using the double plug socket, or USB charger point. Your room at ZIP will have either a small window or a small lightbox.

Does my room have air con?

Yes. All rooms at ZIP come with air con, which is controlled centrally.

Do I need to bring shower gel?

No need – hair & body wash is provided in your room.

Can I borrow an iron?

ZIP hotels have an ironing room on every floor for you to use.

Do all the rooms have a window?

Some of our rooms have a window, some have a lightbox. Your room is randomly allocated when you book, though, so you won’t be able to pick.

Does my bathroom have a bath?

No – to make the most of space, our rooms come with a power shower.

Can I make tea and coffee in my room?

No, but you’ll find Costa Coffee, tea & other drinks available to buy downstairs at the bar.

Do you provide cots?

ZIP rooms aren’t designed to fit a cot, and we won’t have any available on-site.  

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