Registering for My Premier Inn

Why sign up for a My Premier Inn account?

When you sign up for a My Premier Inn account, we'll store your details securely so you won't have to enter them every time you book.

What’s the difference between a My Premier Inn account and a Premier Inn Business account?

A My Premier Inn account enables you to keep track of your bookings and helps speed up the booking process by storing your details and preferences. A Premier Inn Business account is our free service which allows you to charge business expenses direct to your company, saving you time and giving you more control over your spending.

Are my card details safe?

Yes, you’ll see that this site uses a secure server and a high level of encryption.

Once you've saved your credit card details on your profile, we only reveal the last three digits of your card number. If you wish to edit your details stored in the member's area, the existing details will be wiped and the form cleared. 

Remember: if you're making a booking for a future date beyond the expiry date of the card you have stored, you will be advised that the card is invalid and be required to enter an alternative card to complete the booking.

What is TINA?

TINA is Premier Inn's automated reservations assistant. TINA allows you to use all the time-saving features of Premier Inn membership when using the phone. So once you're a registered member with TINA you don't need to tell her all your details every time you make a booking.

Can I close my My Premier Inn account?

Yes, simply follow the link to close My Premier Inn account directly.