Technology at hub by Premier Inn

What does the hub app do?

From booking your room to adjusting the air con, our app can take care of your entire stay. You can book a room in minutes – just fill in all your details before you arrive, then breeze through check-in. When you get to your room, you can use the app to adjust the lighting and temperature and to flick through the TV channels. And, when you’re ready to head out, tap 'Explore' for our handy area guide. You can even hold your smartphone up to the illustrated wallmap in your room and watch the city come to life. Just remember you need to be logged into the super-fast free Wi-Fi* to access your room controls via our app.

What does the Smart TV do?

Our Smart TV gives you internet access, apps, games, catch-up TV and a selection of free films alongside all the regular TV channels. If you’ve missed a must-see movie at the cinema, chances are you can catch it on this 40" Smart TV instead. If you’re heading out and about, the Smart TV has a handy guide to the local area.

Can I watch my own stuff on the TV?

Yes, you can connect your device to the TV to watch your own photos, movies, videos and TV shows. All our hotels have Wi-Fi mirroring so you don’t need any wires - just follow these instructions.

1. Connect your phone or tablet to hub Wi-Fi
2. Select ‘Connect device’ on the TV, and choose either the Airplay (iOS / Apple devices) or Mirrorcast (Android)
3. Select the same Airplay or Mirrorcast on your device
a. For iPhone – a 4 digit code then appears on the TV, which you enter on your device
b. For android – select ‘Samsung TV’ on your device
4. The screen from your device will then be mirrored on the TV screen. Simply control what you play from your phone as normal.
5. To exit, and watch normal TV again, either turn off (iOS) or disconnect (Android) mirroring on your phone or tablet.

Can I get Wi-Fi?

Yes, and it’s free throughout the hotel, 24/7. It’s seriously fast too, with up to 10MB download and 4MB upload. Remember you need to be logged into the Wi-Fi to access room controls on our app.

*Device exclusions and fair use policy apply, please see terms and conditions.