Hotel facilities

Does Premier Inn offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, we’re pleased to offer all our guests free Wi-Fi - great for browsing the web for as long as you want, anywhere in our hotels. To get online, simply select Premier Inn Free Wi-Fi from your list of available networks.

If you want an enhanced Wi-Fi experience with the ability to download larger files and stream more music, upgrade to our Ultimate Wi-Fi for £5 for 24 hours. Select ‘Premier Inn Ultimate Wi-Fi’ from your list of available networks and either buy a voucher available from reception (where available) or pay by credit card, debit card, Premier Inn business account card or PayPal.

Device exclusions apply. Only devices with a web browser and the ability to connect to a public service are able to access the network, please check your device for compatibility. Maximum data allowance 1 GB per user per day. Connect up to 3 devices to Ultimate Wi-Fi - please check compatibility prior to purchase. Service terms and conditions apply, please see free Wi-Fi or Ultimate Wi-Fi for full details.

What facilities are provided for customers with disabilities?

Most Premier Inns have specially-adapted rooms allowing easier access for customers with disabilities.

If there is no specially-adapted room available at the hotel of your choice, we will be happy to offer you alternative accommodation at a nearby Premier Inn. If you have difficulty walking, but do not need a specially-adapted room, please feel free to request a room near reception on the ground floor for easy access. 

Do Premier Inn hotels provide luggage room facilities?

Most, but not all, of our hotels have luggage room facilities. It's best to check with your individual hotel.

Planning a function?

Some of our hotels have function rooms available to privately hire for functions or parties, please contact the site directly.

Do Premier Inn hotels provide leisure facilities such as gym and swimming pool?

We don't offer leisure facilities at our hotels, however please ask at the hotel and our friendly reception staff will be able to tell you if there are any nearby.