Car parking & directions

How do I get local directions to my hotel?

For directions, please see the hotel details page for your chosen Premier Inn hotel. Here you will find an interactive map and postcode.

How can I find the hotel using sat nav?

On all of our hotel details pages, you will find the relevant postcode to tap into your sat nav.

How do I find out if the Premier Inn hotel I'm staying at has parking?

Most Premier Inn hotels offer free on-site car parking. However, some hotels can only provide limited car parking or may charge a small fee. Please check the individual hotel page.

If the hotel does have parking there will be a parking facility icon displayed next to the images of the hotel.

Can I pre-book a parking space?

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to pre-book a parking space. At all Premier Inn hotels parking is based on a first-come first-served basis.

Parking in London and the congestion charge

For information on the areas and times in which the congestion charge applies, please call 0845 900 1234 or visit