International development

We’re always looking for new partners and locations to grow Premier Inn across the world

Join our international success story

Premier Inn is the best loved hotel chain in the UK, offering our guests premium quality for economy prices. We‘re consistently ranked number one in consumer brand preference scores, while our hotels, rooms, restaurants and customer service frequently win industry awards.

Right now, we want to grow our success internationally, and we’re inviting you to be part of it. We believe that Premier Inn is a highly transferable brand, one that‘ll be equally successful in other markets and valued by guests worldwide.

In particular, we‘re looking for top locations and trusted partners in Germany and the Arabian Gulf. 

Wanted now: top locations in Germany

In spring 2016 we opened our first German hotel in Frankfurt. Next up, Munich and several other prime locations. We see Germany as a land of opportunity and our goal is fast growth across German towns and cities.

We’ve carefully tailored our product to the demands of German hotel guests and are now looking to buy (freehold) properties and sites in top locations. 

Coming soon: Arabian Gulf

Over the last six years, we‘ve succesfully opened up two exciting hotel markets for the Premier Inn brand. We’re now present in six locations in the UAE. We also have plans for more hotel openings in the Arabian Gulf. 

Our guests in these new markets confirm what we thought: that we’re in the right place and on the right track. Feedback is extemely positive. So, in the next few years, we’ll advance our Premier Inn international development plan.

Are you a property owner or developer?

To move ahead with our expansion plans, we‘re actively looking for reliable partners in Germany and the Arabian Gulf. Are you a property owner or developer in one of these regions? Are you open to an exciting new opportunity? If so, you could be our next partner in international development.

Please get in touch with Ian or Erik below.

Ian Biglands, Tel.: +49 1776 298 502

Arabian Gulf
Daniel Dennis, Tel.: +971 52 980 5450