Frequently asked questions

Is there a guide listing all Premier Inn hotels?

Yes - you can pick up a brochure from any of our hotels or download regional versions of our brochure online. To download, go to our Location directory downloads page.

Do Premier Inn hotels provide luggage room facilities?

Most of our hotels have luggage room facilities, however some do not therefore it is advisable to check with the hotel direct. For contact details, please see your chosen hotel's details page using our Find a hotel search facility.

Do Premier Inn hotels provide leisure facilities?

As Premier Inn is a budget hotel company, we do not offer leisure facilities on site, however some of our hotels are located near a David Lloyd leisure centre or similar facility.

Does Premier Inn offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, we’re pleased to offer ALL our guests free Wi-Fi, which is great for browsing the web for as long as want, anywhere in our hotels.

Want to stream high quality content or download large files? For a connection that’s at least 8 x faster, you can upgrade to our Ultimate Wi-Fi from only £5 for 24 hours. Plus, it can be used across up to three devices.

To get online, simply select Premier Inn Free Wi-Fi or Premier Inn Ultimate Wi-Fi from your list of available networks, anywhere in one of our hotels.