Frequently asked questions

How do I book online with my Premier Inn Business Account?

Using your Premier Inn Business Account to book online is easy - just enter your card details when requested as you would for a credit or debit card.

How do I unlock my Premier Inn Business Account?

If you have locked your Business Account pre-payment authorisation online, you will need to contact the Business Account help line on 0870 608 8666 for further assistance. Alternatively you can email them at Premierinn.businessaccount@atosorigin.com

How many cards can I have on one account?

You have an unlimited amount of cards on your account, depending on your requirements. These can be ordered, managed and cancelled online on an ongoing basis. If you would like to set up an account with more than 30 cards, please contact the Business Account support team on 0870 608 8666.

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Where can I use my Business Account?

- At any Premier Inn in the UK
- In many of our restaurants. Please call ahead to confirm in advance.
- In Premier Inn meeting rooms

What can I charge to my Business Account?

- Accommodation at all Premier Inns in the UK
- Food and drinks served at restaurants within or adjacent to Premier Inn hotels
- Meeting facilities at Premier Inn
- Extra's eg. newspapers, Wi-Fi upgrades

For tax reasons you cannot use the Business Account Card as payment for Whitbread Leisure Vouchers or tips.

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How do I make a booking at Premier Inn using my Business Account?

There are three ways to book:

- Book online at premierinn.com
- Call our Central Reservations Service on 0871 527 9234
- Contact your chosen Premier Inn direct

*Calls to this number cost 13p a minute plus any additional charges from your phone operator.

If you have your own card, you can make a booking and guarantee the booking with your card - please remember to take your card with you when you check in.

If you are making the booking on behalf of someone else without their own Business Account card, please first register online, where a username and password will be issued to you. This will give you the ability to authorise payment online and means you will no longer have to send a confirmation fax to the individual Premier Inn.

However, if you are making the booking by phone, you will need to send a fax to the specific Premier Inn. Please print this on your company headed paper and fax it through to the Premier Inn where the booking has been made.

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Can I make bookings for other individuals and guarantee payment, without sending a fax?

This function would only be used if you were booking on behalf of someone else without their own Business Account Card. Once you have registered online you no longer have to send faxes to confirm payment.

To register for this function, you will need to go online to premierinn.com under the Business Account section and follow the links from there. Once you are registered you can then authorise online payment. If you require any assistance registering online, please call the Helpline on 0870 608 8666.

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How do I make a group booking using my Business Account?

Bookings of more than 4 rooms must be made by phone direct to the specific hotel. The booking must be followed up with the fax confirming payment details to the hotel. The terms and conditions are different to those given when making a single booking.

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Are bookings I have made using my Business Account guaranteed?

Yes, provided you give us your card number at the point of booking. If you cancel your room before 1pm on the day you’re due to arrive, no charge will be made. If you wish to cancel your room after 1pm on the day of arrival, your card will be charged for the first night for each room you have booked with us.

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Why is a credit card payment option available via the website when it has been stated that a Business Account can only be settled via Direct Debit?

The credit card payment option is available for use when a Direct Debit has failed for any reason. Users will be able to settle their Business Account via an online payment option to avoid any issues with Business Account card acceptance.

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How do I pre-authorise food and beverages?

You can securely pre-authorise charging meals and sundries, as well as accommodation for your guests to your Business Account. This includes parking, newspapers, breakfast and dinner at every adjacent or integral Premier Inn Restaurant. When your guest checks in, the hotel will already have all the details for your approved booking and, where pre-authorised, will provide a 'Restaurant Authorisation Voucher' to your specified spend limit. Please note that it is the responsibility of the guest to stay within this limit. No additional confirmation to your chosen hotel is required.

Can I use purchase orders to help me reconcile invoices?

Purchase order numbers and customers' own refernces will appear on the invoice if entered when the booking is made. If you are not online when you make a booking, please tell the Premier Inn member to input the information required by your company.

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What information will I see on my invoice?

The invioce provides you with a great range of information on every booking. The transaction date and time, Premier Inn location and the card number used for the booking will be visable. You can also see what the card was used for, for example food and drink, newspaper.

Additionally, if entered at the time of booking, you can see the guest name, purchase order number and the customer's own reference. The invoice will show the total amount spent with a comprehensive VAT breakdown. Invoices will be emailed to the registered account holder at the start of each month, unless specified to recieve by post instead. Invoices can also be viewed online in Excel or PDF by logging into your account.

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How do I activate my card?

For security reasons, each cardholder on the account will need to register their card - this will activate the card ready for use. This will need to be completed online at www.businessaccount.premierinn.com, selecting the register now option. The unique registration code which you'll recieve with the card, will need to be entered here. Once you have registered your card, it will be activated and ready to use. By registering your card, you'll also be able to pre-authorise accommodation, meals and sundries online, and allows you to manage your account (or card if, you are a card holder) online. If you experience any difficulties, please contact the Business Account Support team on 0870 608 8666.