Frequently asked questions

Do I get discount as I have a Premier Inn Business Account with you?

Premier Inn prides itself on being value for money accommodation, therefore we are unable to offer any additional discount on room rates.

How do I pre-authorise food and beverages?

You can securely pre-authorise charging meals and sundries, as well as accommodation for your guests to your Business Account. This includes parking, newspapers, breakfast and dinner at every adjacent or integral Premier Inn restaurant. When your guest checks in, the hotel will already have all the details for your approved booking and, where pre-authorised, will provide a 'Restaurant Authorisation Voucher' to your specified spend limit. No additional confirmation to your chosen hotel is required.

Can I use purchase orders to help me reconcile invoices?

Purchase order numbers and customers' own references will appear on the invoice if entered when the booking is made. If you are not online when you make a booking, please tell the Premier Inn member to input the information required by your company.

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What information will I see on my invoice?

The invoice provides you with a great range of information on every booking. The transaction date and time, Premier Inn location and the card number used for the booking will be visable. You can also see what the card was used for, for example food and drink, newspaper.

Additionally, if entered at the time of booking, you can see the guest name, purchase order number and the customer's own reference. The invoice will show the total amount spent with a comprehensive VAT breakdown. Invoices will be emailed to the registered account holder at the start of each month, unless specified to recieve by post instead. Invoices can also be viewed online in Excel or PDF by logging into your account.

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When will I receive my invoice?

You will receive your invoice at the start of each month for the previous month’s transactions. Payment will be taken by direct debit around 14 days later. As part of the online functions, you can now view up to the last 12 month’s invoices online.

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Will I receive a statement?

Yes, your statement information will be included with your invoice on a monthly basis.

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How do I limit how much a non-cardholder staying on the Business Account spends?

When you send a confirmation fax to the Premier Inn confirming the booking or confirm online, please include the spend limit. You can also state whether or not you want the allowance to include alcohol.

On arrival, the guest will be given a Restaurant Authorisation Voucher confirming their evening meal spend allowance.

Premier Inn will endeavour to ensure that the guest stays within the limit. However, it is the ultimate responsibility of the cardholder to ensure that the guest knows the limits you have set and keeps within them.

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How can I view my costs split by department, cost centre or individual?

When making your booking you can now enter a purchase order number and customer’s own reference. The customer’s own reference could be used for cost centre number, booking reference etc. The name of the guest staying at the hotel will appear automatically on the invoice.

Transactions will be grouped together and a sub total for each individual card will be given. To analyse this information in more detail you can set up your own personalised management information reports online, which will be emailed to you.

If you would like any help or advice on the best way to set up your Business Account for your company, please call the Business Account Helpline on 0870 608 8666.

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Is there a loyalty scheme available with the Business Account?

There is currently no loyalty programme associated with Premier Inn Business Account. However, at times Premier Inn will be providing value added offers from other Whitbread brands to Business Account customers.

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