Room rates

Are the rates shown on this website per person or per room?

Our rates are per room, per night. They include VAT. Meals are not included in the room price.

When you book, we'll give you a total price for the rooms and number of nights you've requested. If you've booked our Saver rate and would like to pay for your room with a credit card, you will be charged a £2 processing fee. There is no fee for payments made with a debit card. Flex rates do not incur a credit card processing fee. This fee does not apply when you book our Frankfurt Messe, Germany hotel. 

How do I get a great deal when booking?

Look for our Saver rate which is only available here at and on our mobile app. You'll find rooms from just £35. If a Saver rate is available it will appear in your search results when you check for availability.

If you've booked a Saver rate and you pay by credit card, you'll be charged a fee of £2 to process your payment. Flex rates do not incur a card processing fee. This fee does not apply when you book our Frankfurt Messe, Germany hotel.

We won't charge you anything to reserve a room online with your credit card, or for payments made with debit cards. 

What is Saver rate?

Saver rate is our great value rate which is subject to availability at selected hotels. We recommend you book early. You will need to pay in advance and there are no amendments or cancellations.

Why can't I book your Saver rate at all hotels?

Saver rates are subject to availability and not available at all hotels or at all times. For full details of a Saver rate, please see the terms and conditions when booking.