Hotels in Belfast city centre

Book a room in one of the Premier Inn hotels in Belfast city centre and you’ll be in the ideal location to sightsee or do business in this lively city. As the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a major commercial centre, making it an important destination for business travellers. However, with a centre that’s packed with attractions and history, you’ll also find it an ideal city for a fun-filled family holiday or city break.

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About Belfast city centre

What’s Belfast famous for?
Belfast city is well-known for being the birthplace of the Titanic, which was built in the local shipyard here. It also has some renown for the historic violence and struggles during The Troubles, which are honoured with murals, museums and monuments throughout the city. But there’s plenty more to enjoy and experience within the city, from fantastic Belfast nightlife and entertainment, green spacious parks, museums and historic buildings to explore and enjoy. 

What are the Quarters in Belfast?
Belfast is split into seven Quarters, the: Cathedral Quarter, Titanic Quarter, Linen Quarter, Market Quarter, Smithfield and Union Quarter, and Queens Quarter. Each offers its own scene of architectural delights, multi-cultural arts, buzzing nightlife and fantastic dining opportunities.

Where is the city centre of Belfast?
Several of the city’s Quarters are considered to be central, although there’s no specific border to show the city centre. Belfast Town Hall in the Cathedral Quarter, just west of the River Lagan on Donegall Square, is often used to pinpoint the precise centre of Belfast, and from here you can easily explore many of the city’s wonderful landmarks, shops, restaurants and experiences.

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What to do in Belfast city centre

What should you not miss in Belfast?
Each Quarter has something to see and enjoy. For example, head to the Titanic Quarter to learn about the city’s shipbuilding history, most famous for building the ill-fated Titanic. The Cathedral Quarter is home to St Ann’s Cathedral, as well as quirky shops and restaurants, and gorgeous cobbled streets.  St George’s Market, held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday is one of Belfast city’s oldest attractions and a great spot for picking up souvenirs, fresh produce, accessories, clothing and more.

What is there to do in Belfast with children?
Belfast has plenty to enjoy with the kids. Head to the Ulster Museum for everything from dinosaurs and Egyptians to the history of the city, or for a sweet treat, Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory offers samples to try, as well as a range of fun workshops. HMS Caroline is a restored World War I ship with interactive exhibits and events running throughout the year. CS Lewis Square has statues celebrating some of the most popular characters from the Narnia books and Barnett Demesne park has plenty to help the little ones burn off some steam, including a playground, bike trails and jump parks.

What can you do in Belfast for free?
Many of the most popular sights and landmarks are accessible for free. Ulster Museum, City Hall, St George’s Market and the Botanic Gardens are just a few examples of attractions you can enjoy cost-free.

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Visiting Belfast city centre

Is Belfast safe to visit?
Yes, Belfast is a very safe city, with an extremely low crime rating. As with any city, we always recommend staying aware of your safety when out and about, particularly at night, but the city centre in particular is a welcoming and relatively risk-free area to enjoy. Whilst Belfast has experienced some disruptions in the past, such as The Troubles, these are now a part of the city’s rich history and the city is safe for visitors from all over the world. 

What food is Belfast known for?
Belfast is an excellent destination for trying a range of Northern Irish specialties. A break in Belfast wouldn’t be complete without enjoying an Ulster Fry – a hearty breakfast of sausages, streaky bacon, eggs and tomatoes with griddle-baked soda farls (Irish soda bread) and potato bread. The city is also famous for its fresh local seafood, which can be enjoyed at the markets and restaurants. Most pubs will serve traditional dishes like Irish stew or steak and Guinness pie, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when dining out.

What currency is used in Belfast?
As Northern Ireland is part of the UK, you can expect to spend pounds sterling throughout Belfast. Even though the southern parts of Ireland use the Euro, it’s unlikely anywhere in the city centre will accept these.

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Getting to and around Belfast city centre

How do I get from Belfast airport to the city centre?
Belfast city centre is a quick 5-10 minute train journey from the airport. The nearest station to Belfast airport is Sydenham, and the airport offers a free shuttle bus service from here to and from the terminal. The city centre is around five minutes’ drive from the airport, with taxis costing around £10.50. The Airport Express 600 Bus Service takes around 10 minutes, with buses every 30 minutes at peak times.

Is Belfast walkable?
Yes, most of the major Belfast city centre sights can be reached on foot. And as one of the safest cities in the UK, you can expect to have no problem strolling around, even at night.

Can you use Uber in Belfast?
Yes, Uber is available in Belfast, as well as a selection of regulated taxi companies.

How far is Giant’s Causeway from Belfast City Centre?
Giant’s Causeway is around 60 miles north of Belfast. You can expect a journey time of around three and a half hours by bus or train, or about an hour and 15 minutes by car.

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