Hotels in Worthing

Thinking of visiting West Sussex? Our family-friendly hotels in Worthing will help you get the most out of this popular seaside town. Enjoy days out with the kids at top family attractions in Worthing like The Worthing Lido and Worthing Pier, explore the great outdoors with a visit to the South Downs National Park, or get a taste of Worthing culture at popular local spots like the Connaught Theatre and Worthing Museum & Art Gallery. Plus, thanks to our free Wi-Fi, great-value Meal Deals and luxurious beds, you can look forward to stress-free short breaks in West Sussex. 

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Places like Worthing

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Extend your next UK holiday by exploring other places seaside resorts like Worthing nearby. Our hotels in Brighton are just over a 30-minute drive away from Worthing, and home to top family attractions like Brighton Pier and the Royal Pavilion. Or why not head west from Worthing and stay in our great-value Bognor Regis hotels

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Things to do in Worthing

Visit West Sussex beaches
Whether you’re planning romantic breaks in Worthing or fun family holidays, everyone loves to be beside the seaside. Enjoy days out at Worthing Beach throughout your stay, where you can sunbathe, paddleboard and tour the East Beach Studios art galleries. Plus, other West Sussex beaches like Lancing Beach and Goring Beach are both just a 10-minute drive away, too.

Explore top attractions near Worthing
Visiting the South Downs National Park is one of the most popular things to do near Worthing, and with top natural sites like Highdown Hill and Cissbury Ring to explore there, it’s easy to see why. History-lovers won’t want to miss seeing other top attractions in Worthing like High Salvington Windmill, while culture-lovers looking for Worthing events will love the town’s annual arts festival.

Enjoy family activities in Worthing
Thanks to its fun seaside attractions, holidays in Worthing are popular all year round with families. Enjoy days out with the kids at top attractions in West Sussex, whether you’re enjoying the rides and amusements at The Worthing Lido, seeing a show at the Connaught Theatre & Cinema, or exploring the popular Roundstone Farm.

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What are the nearest train stations in Worthing?
Worthing station is the main train station in this seaside town, and you’ll find it just a five-minute drive away from Worthing Pier. Plus, with other train stations in Worthing like East Worthing station, West Worthing station and Durrington-on-Sea station nearby too, getting around Worthing during your UK holiday couldn’t be easier.

What are the nearest beaches in Worthing?
Whether you’re going for a swim, soaking up the sun or visiting the exciting Worthing Pier nearby, you’ll be spending plenty of days out with the kids on Worthing Beach. There’s plenty of other popular beaches near Worthing, too, including Lancing Beach, Goring Beach and Kingston Beach. 

What type of beaches does Worthing have?
Beaches in Worthing are mostly pebbly, but that doesn’t stop going to the beach being one of the most popular activities in Worthing. Enjoy days out on some of the best family-friendly beaches in West Sussex during your holidays in Worthing.

How many beaches are there in Worthing?
Worthing Beach is the main beach in this popular UK seaside resort, but you’ll find other West Sussex beaches nearby – Goring Beach and Lancing Beach are both just a 10-minute drive away from Worthing Pier.

What are the best places to eat in Worthing?
Take your pick from our great-value restaurants in Worthing throughout your stay – enjoy tasty family meals at our Worthing Seafront Thyme restaurant, our Whitbread Inns restaurant in Littlehampton, and our Crossbush Beefeater in Arundel.

What are the best things to do in Worthing at night?
Whether you’re watching a live music event in Worthing at venues like The Factory Live or enjoying a drink in one of our Worthing bars, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do in Worthing in the evenings. Plus, with popular Brighton venues just a 40-minute drive away, nightlife in Worthing has plenty to please.

What family friendly activities can you do in Worthing?
You can look forward to fun days out with the kids on Worthing holidays. Enjoy exciting rides and shows at The Worthing Lido, spend laid back afternoons at Brooklands Pleasure Park and lake, or enjoy family activities at Roundstone Farm. Plus, half term breaks in Worthing wouldn’t be complete without visiting the town’s top attractions like Worthing Pier and Worthing Observation Wheel.

What outdoor activities can you do in Worthing?
Explore some of the top attractions in West Sussex near our hotels in Worthing. Home to famous sites like the Cissbury Ring and Highdown Hill, visiting the South Downs National Park is a must if you’re looking for outdoor activities near Worthing. You’ll find some great walking and cycling trails near Worthing, too, as well as some popular West Sussex golf clubs.

What indoor activities can you do in Worthing?
Whatever the weather in Worthing during your stay, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do in West Sussex. Explore the Worthing Museum & Art Gallery, see a show at the Connaught Theatre & Cinema, or enjoy family activities at the Splashpoint Leisure Centre. Plus, if you fancy a spa weekend in West Sussex, there’s several popular spas near Worthing to choose from. 

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