How to get the trainspotter look

The classic ‘trainspotter-look’ is bang on trend this year. To reflect this new trend, Daniel Rhone has offered his top tips on what to wear when trainspotting.

Although there is no set uniform for trainspotting, items like anoraks, bobble hats and satchels are often associated with the hobby. These sartorial choices are unsurprising, they serve a practical purpose which is key when your hobby involves being exposed to the elements for most of the day. 

As well as having the benefit of being functional for the hobby itself, it so happens that the classic ‘trainspotter-look’ is also bang on trend this year. Daniel Rhone, personal shopping consultant at Selfridges and menswear stylist, has been watching this trend emerge with interest, ‘the components that go into the ‘trainspotter look’ are very much on trend for this season and have been on the radar for the past few years.’ He believes the recent surge in interest is down to the common male need – practicality, ‘functional and practical items are of the utmost importance for trainspotters – this consideration is definitely resonating more with the modern British man who is looking for quality and practical pieces when building out their wardrobe’.

A functional jacket

Considering you’ll most likely be at the mercy of changeable British weather, the most essential part of a trainspotter outfit is the functional jacket. An anorak is a classic option, but depending on the season this could be a lightweight waterproof rain jacket or a down-filled parka. Trainspotters are known for their meticulous approach to detail and this would lead to the jacket being as functional as possible, for example having more than two pockets to hold note books, spare pens and the all-important train timetable!

A practical hat

Probably one of the most synonymous items associated with the trainspotter is the bobble hat. Seemingly regardless of the climate, keeping one’s head cosy is up there as a spotter’s main priority along with packing a flask of tea and having a notebook on hand. The bobble feature shows a touch of personality and the style is now spotted on some of the most fashion conscious men in town. Who would have thought?

Thick glasses

The ‘geek chic’ trend has been around for the past few seasons and a major component of that trend are thick-framed glasses, which also happen to be a trainspotter staple. Don’t actually need glasses? No problem, you can pick up clear glass frames quite easily on the high-street. From a square to rounded frame, you’ll be able to find a style that you suits your face and secure yourself that trendy trainspotter look. 

An 'essentials' bag

Note pad, check. Train timetable, check. Flask of tea, check. Like most men who are on the move and need more than just a mobile phone and wallet for our day ahead, having a bag that carries the necessities is essential. In the world of trainspotting this is of particular importance. Just like with the functional jacket, the bag needs to be overtly practical to fit in the spotter’s required needs. 

The 'spotter' knit

A solid and reliable staple of the trainspotter is the trusty cable knit or fair-isle pattern jumper. Ideal for the, often grisly, British weather - having a warm layer means you feel comfortable to spend hours taking in the locomotive sights. For a signature trainspotter look, one should be worn layered in between an Oxford button-down shirt and a waterproof rain jacket.          

Start planning your trainspotting adventure

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