22/09/2017 | Work buddies – Chapman and Steele

It’s official; our new survey has revealed that as a nation we now spend more time per year with our colleagues than our best friends, parents, siblings and even partners. 

Two thirds of Brits (67%) reveal they spend time with their colleagues in their spare time while a quarter have introduced work buddies to their ‘real’ family and friends. What’s more, 40% of Brits have even invited their work buddy to their wedding!

So what makes a work buddy so special? Our survey reported that it was all about having fun on work trips (18%), knowing how you take your tea (14%), listening to your dating disasters (22%), having your back in meetings (21%), covering for each other when running late (22%) and always having someone to lunch with (21%). 

The survey also revealed the UK’s favourite celebrity work buddies with Ant and Dec topping the poll. Making up the top five were Philip Schofield & Holly Willoughby, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, Mel & Sue and Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. 

Emily Frank, our Senior Brand and Marketing Manager, commented: “We spend more time at work than anywhere else consequently, we know our work colleagues better than almost anyone. When you're with someone for eight hours every day, five days a week, you know the 'real' person. From saying thank you for yet another cuppa before 10am to psyching you up right before your yearly review and nudging you to wake up during that three-hour long presentation, we all have that one person in our lives that knows us better than our own family and friends.”

We’re celebrating these special relationships with Chapman & Steele; our latest blockbuster TV ad. Warm and upbeat, Chapman and Steele follows the story of two work buddies staying over at a Premier Inn ahead of an important meeting but not without some fun along the way. Although fancying themselves as a pair of stylish buddy-cops, it’s quickly revealed that they are actually printer salesmen...nevertheless expect some serious one-upmanship, fist bumps, a less-than-slick bonnet slide and of course, an iconic 80s soundtrack. From vanity mirrors and cosy beds to hearty cooked breakfasts, we’re always a great place to start.