Happy April Fools’ Day!

No smells, no sounds...

Ok we confess – we made the whole thing up. There’s no such thing as a Premier Inn sensory upgrade (well, not yet!). But don’t worry, we have everything you really need to get a great night’s sleep.

...just a great night's sleep

Luxury Hypnos beds

Our luxury, kingsize Hypnos beds are the stuff of dreams. Drift off on an ultra-comfy, pillow-top, pocket-spring mattress, topped with a toasty duvet and your choice of firm and soft pillows for the soundest sleep ever.

Sleep tips

The Children’s Sleep Charity have shared their top sleep tips to help kids nod off in no time, when they’re away from home. Tips like switching off the TV an hour before bedtime and the benefit of a warm bedtime bath... 

Sleep Dreams audiobook

Our Sleep Dreams audiobook is a short, soothing beach bedtime story designed to help you switch off and drift into the deepest, most comfortable sleep you’ve ever had. 

Sleep Dreams audiobook