How good is your Account Manager?

Premier Inn is the first hospitality brand to join the Association of Professional Sales (APS) – and we’re proud of it. Our partnership is based on a common vision and shared values – professionalism in our industries, a passion for personal development, and a desire to innovate.

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Working with APS

When it comes to choosing business suppliers, customers will always look to work with companies that are committed to the highest codes of conduct and are supported by industry recognition. As such, being a member of a professional association like the APS – whose members must maintain certain qualifications and standards – helps in standing out in a crowded marketplace.

To ensure that only the highest levels of professionalism and ethics are delivered, APS members are subject to an ongoing assessment process. By working together with this association, we aim to show the credibility of Premier Inn within the hospitality market, invest in the personal development of our team members, and ultimately allow customers to feel confident in our services.

Commitment to our teams and our customers

We’re committed to investing in our people, as well as building credible career paths in the sales marketplace. Thanks to the APS and their numerous training resources and industry events, we’re able to keep up to date with the latest technology and trends, upskill our teams, and deliver best-in-class customer service.

At Premier Inn, we’re committed to delivering an innovative, market-leading service for our customers. We continuously look for ways to expand our knowledge, incorporating new technologies, networking across different industries, and sharing best practices from a wide range of service providers.

Listening to – and learning from – our customers

Our teams realised that the best way to set ourselves apart from the competition – and exceed the expectations of our customers – was to learn from guest feedback and recognise areas for improvement. In January 2018, we ran our third annual Corporate Customer Survey. The key highlights from the responses we received were:

  • 90% of our customers rated the support they received from their Account Manager as Good or Exceptional
  • 76% rated the service they received from their wider sales support team as Good or Exceptional
  • 75% of customers said that we were either a Trusted Partner or a Preferred Supplier

Great marks for Premier Inn. In addition to our survey scores, the Premier Inn Account Management team were shortlisted for ‘Best Sales Account Management Team’ at the 2018 Business Travel Awards, making us the only hotel chain to feature as a finalist. However, we don’t plan on letting such positive feedback make us complacent. Instead, it’s our aim to use these results as we move forward, building relationships with our corporate customers, maintaining our high levels of engagement, and investigating areas of improvement.

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