Top tips for successful business trips

At Premier Inn, we believe you can get the most out of your business trip with good preparation and by looking after your wellbeing. It’s all about the small things you can do before your trip and while you’re away that will make the world of difference to you and your business.

Whether it’s tips on how to avoid pulling out a creased shirt from your suitcase or making use of things around the house that you’d never think of, we share some useful travel hacks that will make your business trip a breeze - it’s all in the preparation.

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"Keep hold of refillable bottles for when you’re packing your shampoos and shower gels. Don’t own a toiletry bag? Use a sealable freezer bag - they’re perfect for catching any spillages along the way, too."

Louise Hunter Corporate Account Manager 

"Try finding a cabin-sized travel bag that already comes with a laptop compartment so that you don’t have to carry two separate bags.  It’ll mean you’ll have an extra hand to carry your takeaway coffee. "

Fiona Courtney Corporate Account Manager

"Need to charge your phone on the train but not close to a plug socket? Always carry an external charger for those emergency moments. There are pocket-sized ones that are ideal for people on the go."

James Stubbs Outbound Sales Team Manager

"When you’re packing for a trip, try rolling your shirts instead of folding them to avoid unsightly creases. To get remove creases, hang the shirts in the shower and the steam will get rid of them instantly."

Michelle Shannon Corporate Account Manager 

"Ever had your high heels snag one of your favourite blouses? Try wrapping them up in a scarf and then for added protection, stick some Blu-tac to the heels themselves. Just remember to peel it off before you head to that important meeting!"

Nina Coffey Corporate Account Manager

"For a smart, crisp looking shirt, try coiling your belt around your shirt collar to keep it looking straight and stiff when you wear it. It will save you space too so you’ll have a spot for that extra pair of socks or phone charger."

Jaime Van Michaels B2B Marketing Executive 

Getting 'back' to business

Nearly half of British employees who undertake long trips for business complain of tensions in their back and poor posture.  Premier Inn have partnered with leading physiotherapist, Sammy Margo, to create a workout for hotel guests who want to unwind after their commute. 

Face-to-face meetings drive business growth

Premier Inn commissioned leading economics consultancy, Cebr, to look into the role that face-to-face meetings play in the UK businesses today. Against a backdrop of increasing reliance on screen-based communication, the report makes interesting reading for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.