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We know that location is key when it comes to business travel, and while recent technology trends have enabled companies to conduct meetings digitally, they haven’t entirely replaced the need for face-to-face interactions.

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Time is precious

When travelling for business, employees want to maximise their time and productivity. Having hotels close by to their business helps shorten journey times, which in turn provides more opportunities to catch up with colleagues, make a call home, or even enjoy an extra hour of sleep.

Call of duty

Travelling alone on business trips can be a daunting experience, with so many travel networks to navigate in different cities – often during rush-hour. That’s why travel managers take their duty of care responsibilities for employees very seriously. Hotels that are close to areas of business and key transport links will always be viewed favourably by both the traveller, and the travel manager.

Keeping up with our cost visibility

Hidden costs can often crop up when it comes to business travel. As well as the price of hotel accommodation, it’s important to factor in additional charges like taxi fares and rail cards. Hotel prices are based on demand, which means that hotels in popular areas will most likely cost more than those in less convenient locations. While the lower cost of such locations may seem appealing at first glance, it’s important to consider the cost of transport when choosing locations for business stays.

Balance is key

Establishing a successful travel policy is all about balancing the priorities of the business – i.e. cost control and duty of care – with those of the employees. To achieve both, ensure that your policy includes hotels close to key business locations, so that employees can choose a hotel that works best both for them, and for the company.

Blurring the line between business and leisure

Driven by the millennial generation, “Bleasure” trips – which combine business and leisure – are becoming increasingly popular. They enable travellers to extend their business trip into a mini-break, at little to no cost to their companies. For “Bleasure” travellers, it’s all about finding a hotel which is conveniently close to the office, but also near to local entertainment, dining and shopping venues.

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