Premier Inn Business

With award-winning hotels in more business locations, Premier Inn is a great place to start your working day.

Business Booker

Less time booking, more time doing your job brilliantly. That’s Business Booker. So if you want to save your company time and money and earn yourself a little extra kudos, this one's for you...

Faster booking - Save favourite hotels, frequent guest details payment methods
Exclusive rates - Save money with exclusive access to Business Flex rates*
Easy amends - Change or cancel your Flex reservations until 1pm on the day
Control spend - Set limits food, drink, Ultimate Wi-Fi and car parking.
Link with Business Account - Fast bookings with easy interest-free payment

Business Account

Our free Business Account helps you manage your expenses, with online spend tracking, consolodated VAT inoices and card limits

Our expert business team are on hand to discuss all your business requirements.

Getting ‘Back’ to Business

Nearly half of British employees who undertake long trips for business complain of tensions in their back and poor posture.  Premier Inn have partnered with leading physiotherapist, Sammy Margo, to create a workout for hotel guests who want to unwind after their commute. 

Face-to-face meetings drive business growth

Premier Inn commissioned leading economics consultancy, Cebr, to look into the role that face-to-face meetings play in the UK businesses today. Against a backdrop of increasing reliance on screen-based communication, the report makes interesting reading for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.